At Moving Mountains we have a passion for getting people outdoors. We strongly believe in the importance of learning a range of outdoor skills, and in spending time outside of the classroom.  Outdoor Learning has shown to improve physical and mental health, as well as improve concentration in the classroom and develop vocational skills. It’s not just children – spending time outside, and learning new skills, have huge benefits for adults too!

The Story So Far…

Moving Mountains was founded in 2016 by Dan and Jodi, two close friends with over 15 years experience delivering outdoor education within the voluntary sector.

In the early days, Moving Mountains operated on school sites and, where necessary, hired third party sites for activities.

In May 2018, we took on a plot of land at the heart of the Windmill Leisure complex on the edge of Bristol, and Moving Mountains finally had a home. Since then, we’ve developed the site into our “Basecamp Venue”, including spending much of the hot summer of 2018 installing our office facilities and catering facilities on site. In 2018 we also invested heavily in buying our mobile archery range.

In 2019, Jodi moved on from Moving Mountains to pursue a career in teaching. Moving Mountains continued to grow, acquiring a mobile bouldering wall and developing a partnership agreement to offer mobile climbing. In November 2019 we begin the next big step as we move our activities to a new site near Bath, allowing us to improve our bushcraft and archery offering.


Our Ethos

As a company, we are committed to leave the world a little better than we found it. This includes:

  • Minimising harmful waste and recycling wherever possible.
  • Paying our employees a fair Living Wage
  • Playing our part in the local community, supporting other local businesses and charities
  • Supporting youth groups with discounted rates
  • Helping nature to flourish within our site