Girl with bow and arrow

Archery is a sport requiring precision, skill, and patience. But it’s also a very quick and easy sport to pick up the basics, and a very rewarding sport to have a go at.

Facilities on our new archery range include

  • Lighting for evening shooting
  • Adaptable range length
  • Up to 4 archers able to shoot at time
  • Excellent coffee shop nearby!

At Moving Mountains, we offer target archery and field archery for individuals, groups, schools and corporate groups. You can use the links below to find out more about the different activities on offer.

Unlike some providers, all our archery sessions for those aged 6+ use real bows (a mix of Rolan and Quicks recurve takedown bows) and sharp arrows, along with proper targets. For those under 6 we are able to offer “soft archery”, although real archery may be possible with those aged 6+ in some circumstances.

Find out more about:

Archery for schools

Archery for youth groups

Archery for corporate groups

Individual or small group sessions

Archery Parties

Archery as a fundraiser

What does Archery involve?

Archery is a wide-ranging sport involving a number of individual disciplines. From different types of bow (for example longbow, recurve, compound), to different types of target, there really is something for everyone.

At the moment, Moving Mountains focus on two archery disciplines:

Target Archery –  This means shooting from a set point (the shooting line) and aiming to hit a static target.

Field Archery – This means moving around a designated area, shooting at targets hidden within the woods from shooting pegs.

These targets can be varied, from the standard competition “bullseye” style target, to various shapes, or even objects like balloons.

We have a range of archery games which can be used to make the session more fun, and a huge range of equipment ensuring that Archery can be delivered to all ages.

Archery instructor with bow and arrow

What happens during a session?

Archery sessions can be varied based on the requirements of the individual or group. All sessions start with a safety briefing, followed by “guided shooting” (with the instructor teaching you how to shoot).

Guided shooting is normally followed by several practice rounds, during which time our instructors will continue to offer support and guidance.

We then typically move onto competitions or games, which we can vary depending on the abilities, ages, and interests of the participants. Games played include:

  • Eliminator
  • Pizza Making (no real food involved!)
  • Archery Football
  • Countdown
  • Archery Boules
  • Dice of Chance
  • Balloon Pop

What equipment is provided

We hold a range of bows and arrows ensuring we can equip participants with the correct equipment for their session. In terms of safety equipment each participant is provided with an arm guard (sometimes known as a bracer). Finger tabs are also available upon request.