Cross the River

The Folly Brook flows through the heart of our Basecamp Venue, and is crossed by numerous, perfectly good, bridges. But for this activity – you’re not allowed to use them!

Instead, you must build your own rope crossing using only timber and ropes, to safetly carry your team across. How will you do it? Will you build a suspension bridge? how about a monkey bridge? Its up to you.

Get it right, and your team will make it across to the other side. Get it wrong – and getting wet is a real possibility!!

What to Wear

This activity carries a risk of ending up in the river, so we recommend all participants wear clothes and shoes that dont matter if they get wet, and consider removing expensive waterproofs etc before attempting the crossing! We also recommend that participants bring a spare change of clothes and shoes and a towel, just in case they don’t succeed. As always, don’t forget to dress for the weather.