Mobile Bouldering Wall


Our mobile bouldering wall is now operational. Perfect for events where the budget, space, or ground conditions wont allow for a mobile climbing tower, or for that something a little different!

Bouldering, or traversing, is a form of climbing that takes place at low levels – travelling horizantally across the wall rather than up. The lower heights involved mean that harnesses aren’t required, meaning that the activity can be led by fewer instructors, or in some cases even self led!

Our Wall

Our bouldering wall is a trailer unit, with a variety of route options. A continuous route runs around 3 sides of the trailer giving a total length of around 14 meters, with a variety of shorter route options available. The back of the trailer features a challenging angled overhang.

Up to 5 climbers can be on the wall at any one time.


Space / Access Requirements

Our trailer has 4 adjustable jack legs, and unlike a vertical climbing tower, is very forgiving of such challenges as sloping or uneven ground. We can operate on a variety of surfaces, and even (as long as the doors are big enough!) indoors in a barn or sports hall.

Unlike a vertical climbing tower, the trailer is also light enough to be moved into place by hand (subject to sufficient help being available), meaning we can be much more flexible about locating it.

Trailer Dimensions

Our bouldering trailer is the size of a large touring caravan – large enough to provide plenty of opportunities for fun, small enough to access most venues!

  • 7.5m long (including tow hitch)
  • 2.2m wide
  • 2.2m high
  • Weight approx 1000kg

The trailer is delivered by a van or 4×4 which will fit through any gap the trailer will fit through. Our experienced drivers are pretty good at accessing challenging sites, and we will discuss access with you at the time of booking!

The trailer can be parked on grass or on a solid surface. And as long as there is a big enough door, it can even be used indoors (e.g. in a barn)

If used on a hard surface like tarmac, soft mats are provided. These are not necessary if parked on grass or another soft surface.

If ground conditions are particularly uneven or challenging, please let us know as we will then tow the unit on our 4×4 rather than a van.

Activity Setup

Depending on your event, we can provide waiting benches, safety barriers, a gazebo, etc. Where possible we prefer to keep the van with the trailer. The trailer, van, gazebo, queuing area, etc can all fit comfortably into a 10m x 10m pitch.


Instructor Led

Minimum booking 2 hours – £150.00

Additional hours – £50.00

Full day (7 operational hours) – £320.00

Includes 1 instructor. Please consider whether additional adults will be needed for crowd control. We can provide an extra adult for an additional charge.

Self Led

Full day (7 operational hours) – £150.00

Any 24 hour period – £200.00

Weekend package (delivery Friday afternoon, collection Monday morning*) – £350.00

*Sunday afternoon collection may be available if you need to vacate your venue by sunday night)

At the time of drop off, please allow 30 minutes for us to set up, and a further 30 minutes for us to provide a safety briefing to the adults who will be running the wall during your event.

Get in touch today to discuss your booking!