Slacklining is the ultimate test of balance. These tensioned length of webbing are fixed between trees in our woodland activity area, and the challenge is to walk along them. Sounds simple huh? Great fun, with plenty of laughs guaranteed. We can adapt the activity to all ages and abilities, and can rig up two parallel lines to allow teams to race each other. Once you’ve mastered the basics why not try walking the length of the line whilst carrying a cup of water? Or maybe even try some simple tricks. Slacklining is also great for developing trust in teams, as to start with each participant is assisted by two spotters, who support them and ensure they don’t fall. As confidence increases, so the spotters can step a bit further away. Our slacklining activity is suitable for Key Stages 2, 3, 4, 5 and of course adults!

Mobile Slacklines

Our slacklines can be set up anywhere that has two suitable solid objects* (e.g. trees, concrete bollards, etc) between 10 and 15m apart, preferably over a soft surface such as grass or wood chippings. (see below for more details as to where we can set up our slackline) As at basecamp, we can adapt the activity with a multitude of different activities and games, meaning this simple activity can easily fill an hour if working with a group of 12 or more.

Slackline Space Requirements

To set up our mobile slackline, we need:

  • A safe space, ideally with soft ground (grass, play-matting, woodchip, etc are all fine – or if you have PE Mats we can use those on tarmac or concrete.
  • Two solid anchor points – these could be trees, bollards, telegraph poles…. the list is fairly endless but its important that they’re solid, and that we can put a rope all the way around them. We can protect trees etc when applying ropes to ensure there is no damage. If our instructor isn’t happy that your chosen objects are strong enough to support the forces involved, the activity won’t be able to take place.
  • If you don’t have two solid anchor points in an appropriate place then as long as we have one solid anchor point we can work with that as long as we can get our vehicle into place – as we can use our vehicle as one of the anchor points. Please let us know in advance if you will require this so that we can bring the additional equipment required. We can work with the vehicle around 5m from the end of the slackline, so up to 20m from the other anchor point and are happy to park on tarmac, grass, chippings, etc.
  • Unfortunately at this stage we are only able to set up a slackline indoors if there are suitable anchor points. Please ask us if you think this might work for you! As a rough indication, to allow a safe margin each anchor point should be able to withstand a force of 1000kg.