Our range of courses are designed to develop a number of outdoor skills through weekly half day sessions over a period of about 6 weeks. The course content can be entirely customised to suit your requirements and the age group of the students. Courses could include a mixture of:

Bushcraft and Survival Skills


Other Outdoor Skills

Teamwork and Leadership

Each course is custom designed to meet your requirements and we will discuss with you before the course begins whether there are any curriculum areas (eg. use of technology, geography, maths, local knowledge) that you are particularly keen to include. See details of our latest course prices for schools.

Example Programme 1 (Year 5)

Courses requested: Navigation, Communication, Backwoods Cooking
Must included: Technology

  • Week 1: Compass skills (including bearings) with orienteering course.
  • Week 2: Morse Code using sounds and written messages. Treasure hunt using compass bearings written in Morse code.
  • Week 3: Alternative Grid Referencing system. Using online alternative mapping programme to find locations.
  • Week 4: Semaphore flag signalling. Passing messages across long distances using semaphore flags.
  • Week 5: Map skills. Understanding map symbols, grid references and scale.
  • Week 6: Backwoods Cooking making bread twists and toasting marshmallows.