Navigation & Hiking

Navigation Skills are a vital life skill – everyone needs the ability to find their way around!

All of our sessions are fun and interactive – and where possible everything is taught outdoors. Generally each skills is taught through an interactive workshop led by our instructors, before being reinforced with a practical activity.

Examples of Navigation and Hiking skills that we teach are:

Compass Skills

Using a compass for direction finding is one of the most important skills required for navigation. Basic sessions will include learning about the cardinal points of a compass and how to find north, whilst more advanced sessions will include taking and following bearings. Once learned, the skills are practised using activities including orienteering and treasure hunts.


Using a map to navigate can seem like a huge challenge. We break the map down into its various features, learning about map symbols, scale, contour lines and grid references. Maps can then be used to create and follow walking routes. Observation skills can be developed by challenging the students to create a map of their surroundings.


Tracking symbols (made from materials found in the local environment) are used to create and follow a route, starting with simple directional signs and moving on to more advanced symbols.


Duke of Edinburgh Training

At Moving Mountains, we also provide training for Duke of Edinburgh Groups, covering all of the navigation and outdoor skills that they will need for their expeditions. This can be provided either as part of the school day, after school, or at a weekend.