Teamwork and Leadership

Teamwork and Leadership are valuable life skills, which will benefit students and pupils of all ages – not just in the classroom but throughout their lives.


Sharing, empathy, resilience, compassion, compromise and communication all play a huge part in teamwork skills. While teamwork is integrated into all of our activities, we have specific resources and programmes to concentrate on building students into the best that they can be working in a team. To give you a flavour of these activites, here are some of the highlights:

  • Shipwrecked – students must work as a team to decide on the items they would save after being shipwrecked.
  • Radioactive Waste – using a variety of materials, students must save the town from radioactive waste.
  • Grass Skis – coordination and teamwork are needed for this fun and often hilarious activity.
  • Eggpocolypse – Using basic materials, can students save Eggbert from his death-defying stunts?
  • Marsmallow tower of Pisa – no teambuilding activity would be complete without this activity. Led by our very own engineer!
  • Cane drop, tarp toss, human knot, giant knot, circle of trust, keeper of the keys and more…


While teamwork and leadership is often blurred into one, here at moving mountains we understand that leadership skills are important to develop. Some people are gifted with natural leadership skills, while others work very hard to develop. Which ever your students are, structured development of leadership is key for development. Typical activites we provide for this kind of training are a little more difficult to describe, as it is very dependant upon the context. Previously, this has included:

  • What are the traits of a leader? What kind of leaders are there?
  • Understanding how to manage the behaviour of a group
  • Trust as a leader
  • Decision making in leadership
  • Clear communication and managing expectations
  • Confidence!

We have a range of activities which we can turn into a customised programme to meet your exact requirements. Whether its encouraging a class to work better together, helping new prefects or year 6 pupils settle into leadership roles, or focussing on a small group of students who could benefit from learning to work better with their peers. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.