Fetes, Fairs and Fundraisers

Are you looking for fundraising activities for your fete, fair or charity fundraiser?

Moving Mountains are able to offer activities with a range of package options, including two different payment options:

soft archery at a school fete

Option A – Pre Paid

We will quote you for the event, and provide the activity on the day. Participants can be charged a fee, or make a donation, which will be given in its entirety to the charity or school. The price is set by you(although we are happy to advise on what tends to work)

Option B – “Pay as they Go”

No charge is made to the school or charity for attending. Participants pay a fee (set by Moving Mountains) to take part in the activity, and Moving Mountains will a percentage of the proceeds, agreed in advance) to the charity.


We have a range of activities available for School Fetes, and we are always adding to the list. Preferential rates are available for booking more than one activity.


“Have a Go” Archery Sessions have been a staple at fetes and fairs for centuries, dating back to the time of Robin Hood! Sessions can be customised with a leader-board or prizes for hitting the gold, or for younger age groups we can use balloons instead of a traditional target. Our standard archery equipment is designed for ages 8+. Providing archery does require a reasonable amount of space, so we also have a soft archery option. (Find Out More)

Soft Archery

Soft Archery involves arrows with “suckers” rather than sharp ends. Our equipment can be used by children aged 4+ and adults. As with a normal archery package we can customise the session including a leader board, or prizes. Soft Archery can take place in a space as small as 10m x 5m and can also be doing indoors making it a perfect option for winter fairs.

Marshmallow Toasting (S’mores)

A S’more is a toasted marshmallow sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits – and they are absolutely delicious! We are able to bring our mobile fire pits out to school sites, and provide your guests with the opportunity to toast their own marshmallow on a real wood fire before tucking into their tasty treat. Open to all ages, and led by our experienced instructors, this activity is an excellent fundraiser.

Flint and Steel Firelighting

Perfect for those who fancy themselves as the next great survival expert… or just those who want to try something slightly different, this activity involves having a go at lighting a fire using a Swedish Firesteel rather than a box of matches! It’s harder than it looks, but a very rewarding technique to master. A leaderboard can be provided to record those who have lit the fire with the least number of strikes, or prizes for those who manage it in under 10 strikes.

Spacehopper Jousting

As silly as it sounds – this activity is great for adults and kids alike! Mount your trusty (if slightly wobbly) steed, and charge at your opponent, and trying to knock them off with your (foam) jousting pole. We provide the full jousting arena setup, spacehoppers for all ages, and an instructor to manage the chaos! (Find out More)


Allow your guests to test their balance on our mobile slacklines. This activity relies on having suitable anchor points, so doesnt work on every venue, but we can advise on the best place to set them up. Suitable for all ages, and supervised by our experienced instructors this activity provides fun and entertainment for all (Find out More)


Giant Games

Our Giant Games are available to hire for your event. Currently including Giant Jenga, Giant Buzzwire, Grass Skis and Connect 4, our selection of games is constantly growing! Our games are only available on a pre-paid basis, but can either be staffed by ourselves, or hired to you to staff yourself.

Book any of our giant games alongside an instructor led package from the list above for **JUST £20** for charitable or fundraising events!

We provide full set up, a risk assessment, and operating instructions. You provide someone to run the activity, and the takings are yours!

Raffle Prizes

When booking an activity for your school fete, don’t forget to ask us about raffle prizes. Subject to availability we are always happy to consider donating tickets to our activity sessions.

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