Mobile Climbing Tower

New for 2019, Moving Mountains can provide a 26ft (approx 8m) high climbing tower for your event or school.

The tower is trailer mounted, and delivered by a van or 4×4 (please check with us about access requirements).

Tower Specification:

  • 26ft  (7.9m) high
  • 4 auto-belays, allowing 4 climbers on the tower at a time
  • Colour coded independant routes
  • Full-class harness set (no waiting around while children exchange harnesses)
  • Led by experienced and qualified instructors
  • £10 Million public liability insurance
  • Set up in 45 minutes
  • Includes safety barriers and gazebo.

Space Requirements

In order to set up the tower, we need a total working area of 50ft x 25ft (15m x 7m) with good vehicle access. This can be on tarmac, gravel or grass, but we do ask that it is flat and level)

The combined length of the vehicle and trailer unit is 45ft. We can get through gates as narrow as 9ft as long as we can go through them “straight”. If we need to turn into a gateway or approach it at an angle then a wider entrance will be needed.

As a rule of thumb, if you can get a lorry or coach in, we’ll get in with no problems at all. If in doubt please check with us.


We are able to operate in all but the most torrential rain. We do however have a few weather conditions that we cannot operate in:

  • Temperatures below freezing
  • Winds gusting to over 30mph
  • Sustained winds over 20mph
  • Extremely severe fog (visibility less than 10m)
  • Thunderstorms

If we know that weather conditions will not permit use of the tower, we will contact you to discuss alternative dates or exchanging for our bouldering wall.

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