Space Hopper Jousting

Medieval, Modern and Mayhem all come together in this crazy activity, which is suitable for all ages.

Charge at your opponent on your trusty, if somewhat unpredictable, steed – before trying to knock them off with your foam jousting pole – without becoming unseated yourself.

Fun and laughter are the main aim of this game, which is also a great icebreaker, and fun for adults and children.

Available for fetes, fairs, parties, weddings, corporate events, scout and guide camps, schools – wherever needed really.

Space Requirements

Spacehopper Jousting requires a soft, flat, grassy surface – both to protect from falls and to prevent damage to our space hoppers. If the ground is muddy we can provide thin carpeting to prevent clothes getting too muddy.

The jousting arena is marked out using stakes and bunting/flags for that true medieval feel.

The required area is 10m long x 5m wide, although we can reduce to 3m wide by only operating a single jousting lane.

Package Includes

  • Instructor to oversee the activity (for youth events, please ensure you provide adequate staffing for crowd control)
  • Arena with 2 jousting lanes
  • Selection of adult and child space hoppers
  • Foam jousting poles