Range Requirements

We are able to set up archery ranges indoors or outdoors. The requirements for ranges are detailed below.

Don’t have somewhere suitable? Don’t worry – we can arrange indoor or outdoor venues in the Bath and Bristol area.

Outdoor Ranges

In order to set up an outdoor archery range, we require a space:

  • At least 110m long (at least the first 30m must be short grass, tarmac, gravel or similar)
  • At least 60m wide
  • That can be kept secure throughout the activity (either fenced or able to be roped off) to prevent people entering the area

There are certain exceptions that are able to be made to the above requirements (e.g. where suitable solid objects, such as buildings or walls, which would stop an arrow exist)

Trees, hedges, slopes, etc may not be a problem depending on their location.

Indoor Ranges

In order to set up an indoor archery range we require a room:

  • At least 17m long
  • At least 5m wide
  • At least 2.2m high
  • Able to be cleared of furniture

When setting up a range indoors, we will provide netting to protect the back wall of the room. Our instructor will advise if any items need moving to prevent risk of damage.

“Arrows” Junior Archery Ranges

The Junior archery kit requires much less space. An indoor range can be set up in a space 10m long by 5m wide. Outdoors a space of 20m x 20m is required, meaning it can be run in a typical playground area.