Outdoor Skills

Outdoor Skills are at the heart of everything we do at Moving Mountains. We offer a huge range of different activities to schools, with each focussing on one or more of the skill areas listed below.

We can tailor each activity to suit the age and ability of the class, and the curriculum aims of the teacher. Whether its learning about wildlife, developing archery, picking up some map reading skills, or bonding as a team, we can provide a package to fit!

We can also run sessions which include multiple outdoor skills – for example teamwork and communication, or bushcraft and navigation.



Bushcraft and Survival

Bushcraft and Survival skills allow us to survive outside comfortably, and with a minimal impact on nature. From firelighting and cooking, to safe use of knives and axes, these skills are not only great fun but they can be incredibly useful.


The sport of archery requires concentration and patience, but is accessible to anyone. Our sessions, led by Archery GB Qualified instructors, work great for developing skills as well as being a great reward

Navigation and Hiking

The ability to find our way around is one of the most important life-skills we can teach. Learn how to read a map and use a compass, discover what to take on a hike, or enjoy your very own hiking adventure!


Orienteering combines map and compass skills with physical exercise, and is a great opportunity to get the class outdoors exploring the area

Teamwork and Leadership

Teamwork and Leadership skills will be of huge benefit to students not just in school but throughout their working and social lives. Whether its getting a new class to work well together, or developing leadership in older students, our activities are also guaranteed to be great fun!

Nature and Wildlife

Whether its identifying flowers and trees, discovering the local birds and animals, or making bird boxes or feeders to help wildlife through the winter, these activities allow students to explore the natural world around them

First Aid

First Aid is a valuable life skill, and really does have the potential to save a life! Our sessions focus on basic first aid skills that are easy for pupils of all ages to remember, and put in to practice when needed!


Whether its morse code, semaphore, or two way radios, there are loads of different ways to communicate. We have a range of activities to allow pupils to explore different communication techniques, learning to communicate better with each other along the way.