Full Day

A full day of Activities with Moving Mountains allows participants to really focus on developing one or more skills, or to enjoy a programme of varied activities throughout the day. Alternatively, it allows 2 groups of students at the same school to enjoy the same half day session – one group in the morning, and the other after lunch.

Example Programmes

These programmes are merely examples. Each programme is designed to fit the exact needs of the individual school. We can work around your existing school times and breaks.

Example 1 – Full Day Navigation Workshop

10 Minutes Introduction and Briefing
30 Minutes Bearings, compasses and compass practice activity
20 Minutes Pacing Activity
60 Minutes Orienteering
50 Minutes Grid reference briefing and activity
60 Minutes What 3 Words online mapping activity
10 Minutes Recap and feedback

Example 2: Full day teamwork and bushcraft workshop

10 Minutes Introduction and Briefing
60 Minutes Teambuilding Activities
40 Minutes “Shipwrecked” Activity
20 Minutes Team Game
10 Minutes Safety Briefing
30 Minutes Tree identification and wood collecting
20 Minutes Fire structures. Flint and steel firelighting demonstration
30 Minutes Build and light fires with flint and steel
20 Minutes Marshmallow toasting and make ‘smores’
10 Minutes Recap and feedback


Our full day activity programmes typically cost £12.00 per student, with a minimum charge of £300.00

(Please note some activities such as Archery follow a different pricing structure)

Bookings outside of our local area will incur an extra charge for mileage of 45p/mile each way from BS36 2FE

Please visit our Booking Enquiry page to request a quote.

Booking Requirements


We can bring our half day programmes out to your school (or other venue of your choice) We will discuss with you prior to the event to ensure that the facilities at the school are suitable for the activities that you have selected.

Alternatively, we can run any of our activities at our Basecamp Venue at no extra cost.


For all sessions, we ask that the School provide members of school staff who are familiar with the students, to the following ratios:

  • Primary: 1 adult to every 15 students
  • Secondary: 1 adult to every 20 students

Where there are students who have additional needs, schools should consider whether it may be necessary to provide additional staff supervision (please see our inclusivity policy).

See our School Booking Terms and Conditions

Special Offer

*Give your teachers the opportunity to try out some of our activities with a 20% discount off a half-day or full-day INSET day session when you book a Course of at least 4 sessions.