Terms and Conditions

  1. A booking will only be considered “confirmed” upon receipt of the following:
    1. A completed booking form, either hard-copy or electronic.
    2. Payment of a deposit of 20% of the fees for workshops booked.
      1. An invoice for this deposit will be produced upon request. If a purchase order number is required please provide this at the time of booking.
      2. Should you wish to pay the full amount at the time of booking please let us know.
  • Where multiple bookings are being made over a long period of time (e.g. a regular weekly arrangement) a deposit may be rolled forward.
  1. The remaining balance will be payable 7 days prior to any short term bookings. For regular bookings, invoices shall be made monthly.
  2. In the event of cancellation, the following charges will apply:
    1. More than 28 days before session: loss of deposit.
    2. Between 28 and 14 days before session: 50% of payment fee.
    3. Less than 14 days before session: full fee applies.
  3. Moving Mountains Outdoor Skills Education LTD reserve the right to cancel or alter an activity due to circumstances outside of our control, including severe weather. Where it is impossible to offer a session on the dates booked we will offer an alternative session date.
  4. Most of our activities will still take place if there is poor weather, and sessions will only be cancelled where activities become unsafe due to severe weather, including thunderstorms.
    1. Participants should be briefed to bring appropriate clothing for the weather. A refund will not be available just because it is raining!
    2. Where possible, if facilities are available at the venue, we will offer indoor activities instead if it is unsafe to continue outdoors.
  5. Correct clothing must be worn for the session as per the suggested kit list. Our instructors reserve the right to remove participants from the group if they are not suitably equipped for their own safety. A copy of the kit list may be downloaded from our website.
  6. Instructors reserve the right to remove participants from activities where their behaviour is unacceptable or unsafe. Teachers or group leaders are responsible for maintaining behaviour, and for providing supervision for any participants who have been removed from the activity.
  7. Teachers or group leaders are responsible for ensuring that they provide adequate supervision to the at least the ratio required by Moving Mountains Outdoor Skills Education LTD.
    1. For primary school age groups this is 1 adult to 15 students. For secondary school age groups this is 1 adult to 20 students.
    2. Where students have additional needs, schools should consider whether it may be necessary to provide additional staff supervision
  8. It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to inform us of any medical conditions or disabilities, including behavioural or learning difficulties or dietary requirements which may affect a participants ability to take part in a session.
    1. We are always happy to modify activities to suit the abilities of those taking part, subject to receiving sufficient information and notice.
    2. Where food is being provided by us we will always cater to any dietary requirements or school policies (e.g. nut free) subject to being made aware of those requirements at the time of booking.
    3. Any information disclosed will be treated as confidential. Only those instructors delivering sessions for your group, and company management, will be made aware of this information on a “Need to know” basis.
  9. Moving Mountains Outdoor Skills Education ltd will operate in accordance with our own safeguarding procedures. It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to provide us with details of the Designated Safeguarding Officer for the school or education provider, including contact details
  10. We may take photographs of sessions for use on promotional materials. Please make it clear at the time of booking if you are not happy for us to do so, or if you would like sight of any photographs before they are published. Please let us know if there are individuals whose photographs cannot be published.
  11. We cannot accept any responsibility for damage to personal equipment, including clothing, during any session.
  12. Moving Mountains reserve the right to charge the school or educational provider the full replacement or repair costs for any equipment which is damaged due to deliberate misuse by students.
  13. We cannot accept responsibility for loss of additional expenses (including, but not limited to, catering or transport hire) due to sickness, adverse weather or other causes.
  14. Your signature on a booking form, or submission of an electronic booking form, constitutes acceptance of all these conditions.